2022 Candidate Filings


Office                                 Republican                                Democrat

County Judge                          Barry T. Smith


County Attorney


Sheriff                                     Robby Vancleave

                                                Shannon Wilson

                                                Dickie Benningfield


County Clerk                           Mark Carney


PVA                                                                                                     Chad Shively


Jailer                                       Eddie “Hack” Marcum






Magistrate 1st District             Robert Young                                      Bobby Kirtley

                                                James Lester Caulk


Magistrate 2nd District            Timmy Newton                                   John Gaines


Magistrate 3rd District            Tommy Corbin


Magistrate 4th District            Zuel Yarberry


Magistrate 5th District            Derrick Bright


Magistrate 6th District            Richard Phillips







Office                        Republican                       Democrat

Constable 1st District              Joseph “Joey” Florence                      Tony Harris


Constable 2nd District             Chris Brunelle

                                                Donnie Newton


Constable 3rd District              James Gaddis


Constable 4th District


Constable 5th District              Allen McDonald


Constable 6th District              Rick Reynolds



Filings for City offices of Mayor and City Council 


Mayor                         Dennis Benningfield

                                    Sharon Hoskins-Sanders

                                    Ronnie Dooley


City Council