Will clean houses, 270-321-0865
YS: 1933 Smith Ridge Road, Friday-Saturday 
FS: 1999 Ford Ranger, 270-465-1654/403-3497
FS: Dvd player, cannon copier, laminator, buckets of pears, 270-789-3159
FS: riding mower, box of electrical supplies, push mower, 270-465-6826
Will do odd jobs, 270-250-9842
FS: bed cover for full size Chevy truck, Chevy Grill for 93-98 model, table, wood churn, 270-465-1210
Want: someone to remodel bathroom, 606-706-3068
FS: Western Flyer womens bike, 270-849-7628
FS: New sinks, wet saw, tile cutter, wing back chair, grill, 270-250-2526
FS: 2005 Ford Escape, 270-789-8052
FS: riding mower, 270-469-3862
FS: convection microwave, 270-699-6153
FS: push mower, 270-585-7522
Free: Pit Bull pup, 270-634-3340
YS: Guffey Road in Adair County
FS: Nascar stuff, Rugar pistol,  270-940-0902
rental, 789-7672
FS: desk and chair, dinette set, 270-465-8507...
FS: Garage door with hardware, weedeater, 4 white windows, 270-585-5528
FS: helmets, 270-405-6069
FS: organ and stool, exercise equipment, 270-789-2832
FS: pigs, steers, -270-734-1552
FS: blackberries, exercise bike, 270-789-3545
FS: Beanie babies, 270-789-8244
FS: car dolly, ut trailer, 606-706-0249
Want to rent: apartment in Columbia, 270-250-1193
FS: goats, 270-590-3045
Want: woodsplitter, 270-692-7797
FS: weight bench, 270-405-6069
Want to rent, 270-996-1966
Need dozer work, 270-465-0176