FS: Dodge truck, mower, lawn mower...270-507-8574
FS: table and chair, lazy susan, 270-378-1167
Want: bushhog, grader box, 270-403-3761
YS: today thru Friday on Layton Drive
YS: inside at 2271 Sportlake Lake Road
Want: Zippo lighters, 270-805-9340
Want: Tobacco tins, 270-403-4578
FS: Hydralic cylinder, dinner table, 606-787-2418
FS: new sinks, chairs, saw, tile cutter, 270-250-2526
FS: ut trailer, riding mowers, 270-405-1043
FS: tires, 270-402-4098
FS: crossbow, miter saw, 270-378-5624
Want: deer feeder, 270-378-5624
Want: bed, 270-403-7015
Will stay with elderly 270-585-5289
Need someone to pressure wash a deck, 270-465-3253
Want: diamond plate tool box, 270-585-5554
FS: riding mower, table and chairs, 502-902-1856
Will stay with elderly  270-283-5415
Want: 2225 Remington, 270-789-9380
Free: apples, 270-283-8335
FS: rack clothes, 502-818-2254
FS: hay, hay wagon, fence post, 2x4's, 270-932-1777
FS: Refridge, 270-283-5500
FS: washer and dryer, 502-331-4660
Want: ut trailer, 270-696-0837
Rentals, 270-789-7672