FS: Ford Taurus, 270-699-1148
FS: Bulls, 270-789-8271
Person looking for work, 270-250-1979
FS: air compressor and hose, sander, drill and jig saw, basket for ut trailer, small log cabin, 270-789-8052
Want: ut trailer, 606-679-8582
FS: live traps, riding mower 502-902-1856
FS: cover crop wheat, Fall stuff, 270-849-7989
FS: Stepside bed and bumper for Ford Ranger, 270-699-6792
Want: Tom Turkey, 270-250-1095
want: junk, will work, 270-250-9842
FS: Polaris Ranger-needs work, bed cover, Cub Cadet mower, 270-634-3304
Want: parts for Yamaha scooter, 270-585-8301
Want: old cars, 270-299-1266
FS: generator, wheel covers for Chevy truck, 270-932-5269
Will bake pies, 270-283-4652
FS: Cherry twin beds, 270-283-1520
FS: Small table and chairs, pistol, dog carrier, bag of dog food-free, 270-932-0024
FS: wheelbarrow, storm door, 327 Chevy engine, want junk, 270-507-8798
Want: toolbox, 270-585-5554
FS: 18" Goodyear tires, 606-278-5401
Free: Cats, 270-234-4522
FS: 20" tires, chest of drawers, bed, 270-572-3101
Want: handyman, 270-283-8548
Free: coon hound, 270-932-0213
FS: rifles, Rugar pistol, wood splitters, 270-789-8355
Want: Bantam roosters, 270-537-1537
FS: Hay, 270-932-1464
FS: PS-5, 270-299-5752
FS: Marlboro Zippo lighter, 270-849-5575
FS: Elvis lighter, 270-283-5184