Flea Market
FS: Jars and What Not's...Furniture...606-706-8142
Want: Metal Carport, 270-805-1973
FS: Ut. Trailer, Wheel Chair, Want: do care giving, 270-634-0190
FS: Hay, 270-634-5112
FS: Boat and trailer, Truck bed cover, Gas engine...270-937-4660
Want: Lawn Mower, Tiller Parts, 270-937-4660
FS: Yearbooks, 270-403-4578
FS: Heaters, 270-283-7285
FS: Rabbits and Cages, 502-331-1199
FS: Saw Horses, 270-995-9397
FS: Truck Topper, 270-789-7441
FS: Grader Blade for mower...Boats, 606-305-3260
FS: BB Gun's 502-294-8715
FS: Power Chairs...502-203-7572
Free: Dog, 270-849-5249
Want: TV Rotary Control, 270-378-6368
FS: Property on Thunder Road,  270-932-7326
FS: Corvette, 270-402-7540
FS: Malibu Max, Gun's, Riding Mower, 270-378-5624
FS: Bulls, 270-789-8271
FS: Timber, 465-6421
FS: Chickens-606-706-7991