Flea Market
FS: Magnovox TV, Fishing Rods, Ninetendo games, Snow board, Speakers, 270-572-5303
FS: Computer Chair, Clippers, 270-403-6856
FS: Push Mower, 502-294-8207
FS: Tires and Rims, Cards...606-305-3260
Want a Washer/Dryer...270-250-4722
Want: Rabbits, 502-507-5055
FS: Freeze, 502-507-5055
FS: 2 16" tires...Microwaves, 270-789-4622
FS: Saddles, 270-465-6421
FS: Heffer Calves, 270-405-6363
FS: Guitar Amp, 270-283-5036
FS: Box Springs and Matress and Antique bed, Pipe wrenches, Coleman stuff...270-283-8263
Free: Kittens, 270-299-1081
FS: TV Shows on DVD...270-805-9340
Will work, 606-492-5051
Lady in need of furniture...270-995-0942
FS: Chevy Pick up, 270-805-1256
Rental, 270-789-7672
FS: Baby Stroller...Heaters, Tires, Buffer, 270-283-7285
FS: Cross Bow, Trail Camera, 270-378-5624
FS: Hand Made Furniture, Table and Chairs, Gun Cabinet, 270-403-7282
Want: Dryer, 849-7055
FS: Wood, 270-932-7819
FS: Rooster, 270-465-9005
Want: Step for pick up, 270-469-9594
Free: Puppies, 606-787-1617
FS: Wood Stove, Ford Tauras, 270-402-2420