Flea Market
FS: Dozer's ..270-692-7172
FS: Cub Cadet...270-405-0372
FS: Glass Covered Blind, Freezer, 270-465-7717
FS: Tool Box, Wheels and tires, 606-448-4288
FS: Couch and Loveseat, Riding Mower...270-734-1062
FS: Wash Tub, Heater's...Pipe Wrench, 270-283-7285
FS: Deer Stand, 270-465-4081
FS: Storm Doors, 270-849-7480....
Want: Engine for Jeep, 270-283-3959
FS: GMC, 270-699-1487
FS: Peavy Bass Guitar, Ford Ranger...378-0601
FS: 4 Wheelers, 1911 Hand Gun, Cross Bow, 270-378-5624
Want: License plates, 270-805-9340
FS: Gooseneck Trailer, 270-699-5851
Want: Tires...270-299-6236
FS: Ut Trailer, 812-798-9803
FS: 14" Tire and rim...want: 15" Tires...270-405-3891
FS: Heater, 502-203-8280
FS: Engine and Transmission, 270-465-3846
Want: Chevy Truck, 606-303-5450
Want: Button's ....Model Chopper-...270-465-6421