Flea Market
Want: Rabbit a cage, 270-283-4001
FS: Zero Turn Mower, Towncar, 270-789-7695
FS: Above ground Pool, Trail Blazer, 270-692-8386
FS: Storm Door, 270-699-1812
Indoor Yard Sale at Church of Nazarene...Thurs-Saturday
Will run errands and handy man work, 270-283-2838
Want: Hand Gun, 270-421-7012
FS: Finish Mower, 270-402-2024
FS: 14ft Boat, 270-634-8090
Want: Kids Jeep, 270-692-9651
FS: Z71 Chevy, 270-789-9380
FS: 4 Truck Tires,270-789-6909
FS: Rugar 357-NEW, 270-402-7459
FS: Rabbit, 270-403-9112
FS: Phone Charger, 270-469-5047
Want: Truck Bed, 270-849-4676
FS: 2007 Saturn, 270-849-5305
FS: Zero Turn Mower, 270-789-7975
want: Engine for Chevy truck, 270-789-7975
Will Lay carpet, 270-789-8805
FS: Animal Cage, 270-937-2021
Want: Draw Bar for tractor, 606-787-1729
Want: Wheel disc, 270-402-3808
FS: Door and opener, 270-789-8116
FS: 38 Special hand gun and shot gun, 270-378-5624
FS: 410 shotgun, 270-789-2832
FS: Hand Tools, Planner, Hog, 270-585-4312
FS: Washing Machine, CD and car radio, Weed eater, 360-903-8654
Want: Eggs, 270-668-1909
FS: Chain Saw, 270-403-2120
FS: Refridges...old bikes...270-849-5459
FS: Dodge truck Doors, Starter for Ford,  Push Mower, 270-572-1440