COVID 19 Cases #32 & #33 - According to the Lake Cumberland District Health Department, 2 additional people have been presumed positive for the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  Even though test results haven’t came back yet on case #33, the person has been exposed and is symptomatic.


Case # 32  - 35 year old male who is self isolated while the health department’s Investigation continues.


Case  #33 -  73 year old male who is also self isolated and presumed positive due to direct contact with a previous case.


Taylor County currently has 17 active cases, all on home isolation.


As Taylor County cases rise, this pandemic is still very much active in our community. TCEM highly encourages everyone to continue taking the precautionary measures recommended by the CDC to protect yourselves, your family, and others.


Ronnie Dooley, Director- Taylor County Emergency Management