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Covid-19 Update


Deaths: We are happy to report no new deaths today. We have experienced a total of 27 deaths resulting in an 8.4% mortality rate among known cases.


Hospitalizations: We presently have 3 cases in the hospital. We have had a total of 65 hospitalizations resulting in an 20.2% hospitalization rate among known cases.


Released (Recovered) Cases: We released 4 cases today from isolation (recovered). Released cases include, Pulaski: 1; and, Taylor: 3. In all, we have released 76.7% of our total cases.


Total (Cumulative) Cases: The Lake Cumberland District has experienced a total of 322 cases since the onset of the outbreak. This has resulted in the health department reaching out to over 2311 individuals during our contact tracing.


Active (Current) Cases: Taking all things into account, this leaves us with 48 active cases in our district across 9 of our 10 counties. Of those, 8 are asymptomatic.


New Cases: We report that our total case count has increased by 2 today: McCreary: 1; and, Pulaski: 1. The new cases include:

  • McCreary: A 34-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
  • Pulaski: A 20-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic


While it was a better day for Lake Cumberland, it was a tough day for the state, adding 315 cases (the largest jump in over two weeks), and 11 deaths. We urge everyone to remember the guidance: we strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask when out in public, to avoid crowds, to social distance (stay 6-feet from others), to wash their hands with soap and water often and thoroughly, to stay home if they have a fever or are coughing, to increase sanitation, and to avoid touching their faces.


Since we were asked to do a church-related update yesterday, we were further asked to do an all-around update today. We broadly categorize cases as related to (or tied to) businesses, churches, long-term care (LTC) facilities, medical facilities, or travel. Keep in mind that some cases are not tied to any of those, and some cases may be tied to more than one category. We have had:


  • 49 cases, 488 contacts, 3 hospitalizations, and 0 deaths tied to businesses,
  • 37 cases, 627 contacts, 7 hospitalizations and 1 death tied to churches,
  • 123 cases, 578 contacts, 32 hospitalizations, and 23 deaths tied to LTC facilities,
  • 18 cases, 179 contacts, 1 hospitalization, and 0 deaths tied to medical facilities,
  • 12 cases, 61 contacts, 1 hospitalization, and 0 deaths tied to travel,
  • all other cases weren’t tied to any of these categories.

We were asked to explain why churches pose a greater risk than some other locations. Inside a church (or a factory, for that matter), the 6-foot distance rule becomes less effective. Generally speaking, the 6-foot distancing rule is for normal breathing, for a short period of time while with few others, and in a well-ventilated or open space. Singing or praising enthusiastically makes the 6-foot distance increasingly risky due to ejecting more particles more forcefully into the air. Not wearing masks increases the risk further. The longer you are with a group, the more risk. The more people in the group you are with, the more risk. The longer you are with a group in an enclosed space, even more risk. The older the population (and church members tend to skew toward the high-risk age group) or the number of people with compromised immune systems or other health issues, the riskier the interaction. Shaking hands or hugging adds additional risk. Riskier places include daycares and bars. However, we have had no cases that I am aware of associated with those types of facilities yet, but they have been largely closed, at least until this point.


The Lake Cumberland area has experienced 322 Cumulative Confirmed Cases and there have been 14,144 Confirmed COVID-19 cases across 119 Kentucky Counties as of 06/23/20 (this includes 14,141 statewide plus 3 recently reported cases in Lake Cumberland not in the Governor’s daily report). Regardless of the confirmed case count for any Lake Cumberland County, we believe COVID-19 to be widespread. LCDHD is working to identify and contact all those with whom any positive case may have come into close contact.