Flea Market
FS: Chevy truck, 270-403-9165
FS: Tomato's 205 W Hord Street, 270-465-4529
FS: Washer , 270-692-9651
Will Do Pressure...932-1443
Want: Button's Box trailer, 270-465-6421
FS: Grill, 3 End Tables, Dorm Refridge, 270-250-2526
FS: Hay, 270-402-4027
FS: 94 Ford Ranger, 270-932-3228
FS: Table and Chairs, 606-787-1729
FS: GMC Uconn, 270-403-3820
FS: Goat, Chickens, Turkeys, 270-465-9501
Want: Reel to Reel, 270-283-8301
FS: 2 ut trailers, 270-378-5644
FS: Zero Turn Mower, Pressure Washer, 270-849-8225
FS: Camper, Dodge Ram, Microwave, 270-403-7375
FS: Turkey's, Wooden Indian....270-866-4746
FS: Chevy Truck, 606-706-8869
FS: Barbie Dolls, 270-337-2247
FS: Tire Changer, 502-507-3390
FS: Impala, 98 GMC Truck...Bed Room Suit, 270-403-0451
Want: Junk Cars...403-0451
FS: Trailer's- bumper hitch...want: Bulls and Steers...270-250-4036
FS: AR15, 270-378-0690
FS: Ut. Trailer, 502-230-0782
FS: Dog Pin, Tool Box, Mountain Bike, Saw Zaw, Circular saw, 270-465-4081
Found pit bull...270-283-8213
FS: China Cabinet, 270-849-7055
FS: Chickens, Rabbit's, Potato's 270-465-9005
FS: Generator, Washing Machine, Table's...403-7364
Will Cleaning...270-789-8833
FS: Hay Rake, 502-331-8641
Want: Ramps, 270-465-3253