Flea Market
FS: Wall cabinet, riding chaps, end tables, 270-564-4115
FS: Chrome wheels, engine and transmission,270-405-6562
FS: Welder, TV, 270-250-2526
FS: Wheel chair, shower chair, guns, 789-4622
Garage Sale on Franklin Road 
FS: Calves, Heffers, 270-405-6363
FS: Wood burning stove, 317-440-1564
YS: on Cville Road in Marion County
Garage sale 1001 South Columbia Saturday 10-2...Range-fs, 270-789-4449
FS: Propane stove and storm doors, 270-469-5664
FS: Nova, 283-5194
FS: Hundae, 270-250-2592
FS: Wood Splitter, heater, 270-692-9366
FS: 16" Tires, 789-4571
YS: Friday and Saturday, Christerson Lane...
FS: Honda Shadow, 270-403-0447
Garage Sale 408 Redmond Ave...
FS: 4 mowers for parts, Coke stuff, dolls, 270-735-5778
Want Wheels for VW, 270-401-9162
Yard Sale Saturday and Sunday, on Upton road, 270-324-2373
YS, 808 Pebble Brook in Lebanon...
FS: 2004 Pontaic Gran Am, Ford Ranger, Riding mower, 692-8850
YS: off sharon drive...283-2621
YS: Saturday on Earl Ave in Sha lawn Village...
Want Hood for John Deere mower, 618-792-7483
Want a Sprint phone, 502-203-7534
FS: Pistol, 270-789-2832
FS: Calves, 270-250-9209
FS: Rooster, 270-849-5433
FS: Keroseen Heater, 270-465-1382
Free: Kittens, 270-217-4043
Will lay carpet, 789-8805
FS: 2002 GMC, TV...502-294-6632