Flea Market
FS, Log Rolling equipment, 270-564-4115
FS: 17" rims and tires, will work, 283-3950
FS: Wood burning stove, tool boxes, 270-766-7594
FS: House 270-789-3481/402-4200
Want front tires, 270-299-1134
FS: Pot bellied pigs, 4 roosters, Marlin rifle, Cadillac, 270-283-1690
FS: Carry all for Reese hitch, tool box, transmission, 270-403-2217
FS: Keroseen Heater, wood splitter,270-692-2593
FS: Ford truck, 270-940-1401
For Rent: Mobile home in Taylor County, 849-8024
YS: 808 Pebble Brook in Lebanon...Friday and Saturday...
FS: Apples, 270-321-6023
Want a Tail light for Toyota, 465-4081 
Garage Sale on Franklin road, now thru Saturday...270-403-5791
Want a tool box, 270-465-6751
Want: 1-10 acres near the Green River...502-507-3390
FS: Chevy truck, 502-507-3390
FS: Car port, 270-634-3223
FS: Golf clubs...270-585-1882
FS: 5ft bath tub, 1965 Chevy truck, 270-765-3696
FS: Disc and plow, 270-465-6826
FS: Grill  set, 270-403-7262
FS: Racks for trailer, 270-789-7604
Want a cast iron kettles,270-849-4255
FS: 92 Dodge van, Dune Buggy, 931-361-0162/859-338-0743
FS: Coverals, 270-805-9921
FS: Cell phones , 270-378-0601
FS: End tables, wall rack, 270-564-4115
FS: Hay, 270-465-9005
FS: Hay rake, 4 row corn planter, 98 Volvo road tractor, 606-872-0100
FS: Corner Hutch, 270-849-7793
FS: 99 Saturn, 2017, Motor scooter, 270-403-0707
FS: Trolling motor, 32" LG TV, 270-789-8329
FS: Bow and aarows, 270-789-0128
FS: Horse trailer, metal chairs, 270-405-1686
FS: Truck tires, 270-283-1000
FS: Welder, 270-250-2526
FS: 2011 Nissan Altima, 270-403-0143
Need phone unlocked...502-203-7534
FS: Box springs and mattress, 270-403-3707

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