Flea Market
FS: Ent center, clothes line post, jumper cables, 270-789-4240
FS: Table and chairs, cages, 465-3253
FS: Hay, 465-9005
Will work on engines, want pistol, 789-0121
FS: Lamp, Boots, weights, punch bowl set, 270-937-4974
Want: Tires 15" 270-299-5255
FS: Kitchen table, 606-706-8869
Want: Kittens, 270-849-4408
Estate sale Thurs-Saturday @ 269 old Elkhorn road...
FS: 98 Ford Ranger, Chevy truck, Mercury Sable, 270-940-1401
FS: Slate top, glass doors, 270-402-5521
FS: Beauty shop equipment, 403-7356
Will lay carpet, 789-8805
FS: Jeep, 270-789-2727
YS: 700 West Main Street, Campbellsville...
FS: Bull, 270-469-5231
FS: Chevy truck- Silverado, Bass tracker boat, 270-465-5663
FS: Trolling motor, LG TV, 270-789-8329
FS: Refridge, Saw Zaw, 270-766-4001
Found Stephanie Graham license...pick up at 800 Meador Street...
Wants to work,  270-283-3950
Want: Couch, bed, 270-562-4021
FS: Camera tripod, guitar stand, 270-283-5228
Want to rent, 270-250-4593
Want to work, 270-250-3190
FS: Chevy truck, 97 Toyota, tires, 789-0869
FS:  Canoe, camper, 932-1886
Free: Kittens, 270-217-4043
FS: Ut Trailer, 270-283-4257
Found a ring, 270-849-2292
Want a fan for grain bin, 789-7672
FS: Bedding, 270-403-3707
FS: Ford Ranger, 465-6751
Garage sale on 105 Avery drive in Greensburg
YS: Jackson highway in Magnolia

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